Slaaki Percussion Festival

The International program of Slaaki Percussion Festival brings together very interesting performers of modern percussion music.

The first Slaaki Percussion Festival will be held at the Koko Jazz Club in Helsinki on 25. – 26. September 2015 and will feature Pierre Favre, Severi Pyysalo, Kallio Slaaki Drum Ensemble and Osuma Ensemble.

A Big thank you to Wihuri Foundation for the financial support!

Pierre Favre master class is co-operated with Sibelius Academy, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Drummers Association of Finland and Soitin Laine.

Also thank you to Koko Jazz Club and Timo Hirvonen.

I sincerely welcome you to my Festival!!
Mika Kallio – Artistic Director

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The Program:

Friday 25.09.2015

22.00 Kallio Slaaki, Severi Pyysalo Solo (tickets 15/10€)

Saturday 26.09.2015

13.00 Slaaki Festival Marketplace with Jackshop, Kumu, Balbex, Paiste

14.00 Pierre Favre Master Class (tickets 5€ from the Venue)

19.00 Pierre Favre Solo, Osuma Ensemble (tickets 15/10€)




The Artists:

Kallio Slaaki, the energetically eclectic percussion ensemble fronted by the charismatic and rhythmically multi-faceted Mika Kallio have released their LP, “Polymania for percussion”, in 2013.

Founded in 2008 by Mika Kallio, the group features three of Finland’s most well-established and respected percussionists: Kallio, Mikko Hassinen and Anssi Nykänen. With all three members hailing from different fields of drumming expertise, Kallio Slaaki features a wide variety of percussive textures performed with drums, cymbals, gongs, tuned gongs, chimes, bells, sound discs, shakers, sound plates, rako-rakos, cowbells, woodblocks, bowls, flex-a-tone, tambourines, hand cymbals, whistles, sticks, brushes and mallets. In the groups performances, dense textures are interwoven into sparser ones, leaving the listener with an inspired, meditative experience as they enter their intriguing world of percussive sounds.

Text: Andre Sumelius

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Pierre Favre was born in Le Locle, Switzerland. He started playing drums as an autodidact at the age of fifteen and turned professional two years later. He played swing music for many years in the big bands. He played Dixieland, swing and be-bop before he discovered the new jazz. Out of this background he developed into a musician of the highest sensitivity and diversification, a master of empty spaces and pauses. Seldom has anyone in jazz played drums so quietly. Favre is a poet of the drums.

Pierre Favre is one of the musicians who helped put European jazz on a new track, emancipating the percussion from its conventional rhythm role and allowing it to become an allround vehicle of rhythm and melody. His set of instruments forms a unique and independent sound-world from which he lures orchestral dimensions in his solo performances. He studied composition, has worked with choreographers and has written music for plays and films.

As a solo percussionist, he toured all round the world. He has worked with African, Indian, Brazilian, Chinese and Korean percussionists. Still Favre feels very much related the European music tradition. Pierre’s vision is one of percussion as a melodic voice, rather than just rhythmic variations.

He’s been described in the European press as a poet, painter, and sculptor. His work has been called lyrical, passionate, and mysterious. Pretty remarkable, considering Pierre Favre is a drummer. But Pierre’s not just any drummer. He’s one of the most respected percussionists working in Europe today.

Despite all the accolades he’s received, Pierre remains a very soft-spoken man with a great sense of humour.

Text: Michael Bettine
, The Modern Drummer

Pierre Favre Website


Severi Pyysalo (b. 1967) played his breakthrough gig in Pori Jazz in 1982. A few summers later he jammed on the main stage in the band of the singer legend Sarah Vaughan and released the same year his debut album. In fall 1987 Pyysalo started his jazzstudies at the Sibelius Academy and started to lead his own bands. Severi Pyysalo Quartet, No Hope Band and The Front were mainly consisted of the fellow students at the Sibelius Academy and the bands performed actively and did also a Finnish Jazz Federation’s tour. In 1991 The Front was chosen as the Best Group at the Jazz Meeting of the Nordic Jazz Radios in Copenhagen and the next year Pyysalo joined Jukka Perko Quartet. Later also Perko-Pyysalo Poppoo was born, one of the most famous jazzbands in Finland in the 1990s.

In the 1990s Pyysalo had time, besides Poppoo, to make himself known on the Nordic jazzfield by cooperating with Swedish bass player Anders Jormin and Danish pianist Thomas Clausen. In 1995 Pyysalo debuted as a classic composer when the Helsinki Festival ordered a work for seven percussionists from him. The next year he composed also a work called “Devotion” for the Radio Symphony Orchestra and a percussionist. For UMO Jazz Orchestra Pyysalo has composed music since early-1990s and the collaboration with the orchestra, Pyysalo working both as a soloist, a composer and an arranger, has continued till today.


Osuma Ensemble consist of five professional percussionists from city of Tampere. They all have varied backgrounds in classical, chamber and symphonic music, jazz, folk and ethno. Their performances have included many percussion classics, such as John Cage`s Third Construction, Steve Reich`s Six Marimbas and Edgar Varese`s Ionisation.

Harri Lehtinen
Jyri Kurri
Toni Hietala
Janne Tuomi
Mikael Heikkilä


Programme for the Festival:

Lou Harrison: Fuga
Lou Harrison: Song of Quetzalcoatl
John Cage: Third Construction
Andy Akiho: Stop Speaking

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