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Mika Kallio Solo

Kallio performs solo, playing his own compositions and improvising with a drumset, bells, gongs, tuned gongs, bowls, sound plates, whistles and tubular bells.

Kallio has played solo concerts in Finland, France and Czech Republic.

In 2011 he played 10 concerts on the Finnish Jazz Federation tour.

His first recording “Mika Kallio” (Fiasko FRCD 37) was released in 2008.

Mikko Innanen & Mika Kallio duo

Made of the number one star of the young Finnish reeds generation and his counterpart in drums, the duo leans heavily on improvising, which they have perfected playing together in Nuijamiehet till 2000 and the Gourmet sextet for some ten years almost.

The Duo has made two albums:
Scratch” (Fiasko FRCD 23) 2007
“The extroverted duo of Mika Kallio & Mikko Innanen is basically a saxophone and drum combo, but on Scratch both men are ready to use anything at hand to create sound. When the credits include wood blocks and bird calls, you know you´re in for a special sort of fun. Innanen, who exhibits great control over his vocabulary of squeals and squawks, can also play it straight on his horns when he wants to.” The IAJRC Journal

Silence” (Fiasko FRCD 43) 2009
“Why “silence”? Well, the CD is voluble and packed to the gills with sound – noise, if you will. That said, the sounds are so finely rendered and the interplay so perfectly soldered, the final product becomes a neverending process of inducing serenity into a world likewise packed with noise.”
The New York City Jazz Record

Kallio Slaaki




Kallio Slaaki, the energetically eclectic percussion ensemble fronted by the charismatic and rhythmically multi-faceted Mika Kallio have released their LP, “Polymania for percussion”, in 2013.

Founded in 2008 by Mika Kallio, the group features three of Finland’s most well-established and respected percussionists: Kallio, Mikko Hassinen and Anssi Nykänen. With all three members hailing from different fields of drumming expertise, Kallio Slaaki features a wide variety of percussive textures performed with drums, cymbals, gongs, tuned gongs, chimes, bells, sound discs, shakers, sound plates, rako-rakos, cowbells, woodblocks, bowls, flex-a-tone, tambourines, hand cymbals, whistles, sticks, brushes and mallets. In the groups performances, dense textures are interwoven into sparser ones, leaving the listener with an inspired, meditative experience as they enter their intriguing world of percussive sounds.

text: André Sumelius

photo: Heikki Tuuli

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